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Homeopath, Naturopath


Jon originally studied Arts/Law at Monash University before working for five years in legal publishing. He completed his studies at Sydney’s Nature Care College and the Australian Institute of Homeopathy, studying naturopathy, osteopathy and homeopathy. He also studied at the Sydney College of Homeopathic Medicine, and the International Institute of Advanced Homeopathy in India. He has run a busy clinic in Wollongong since 1987 and also practises in Sydney and the Southern Highlands (Mittagong).

Jon was the Registrar of the Australian Register of Homeopaths from 2001 to 20011 and is currently a Director of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

Jon’s special area of interest is in treating chronic conditions where medical treatment has not been successful. He specialises in treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS); Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and paediatrics. He has delivered seminars around Australia for his colleagues on these conditions.


Registered Nurse, Naturopath, Homeopath

Originally a Registered Nurse, Nyema studied naturopathy at Sydney’s Nature Care College, then specialised in homeopathy at the Sydney College of Homeopathic Medicine, from which she holds an Advanced Diploma of Homeopathic Medicine.

Nyema also studied homeopathy in Calcutta with Dr Parimal Banerji. She was President of the NSW branch of the Australian Homeopathic Association from 2000–2003, Executive Officer of the Australian Register of Homeopaths from 2003 – 2006 and is currently Vice President of the Aurum Project .

Nyema has a special interest in treating childhood acute illnesses so that young children can avoid the side effects of a range of medications. She also has a special interest in treating Autistic Spectrum Disorders and other childhood learning and behavioural disorders, including anxiety. Concern about the growing numbers of children affected by behavioural and learning disorders involve environmental toxicity issues, some of which are mentioned in the A-Z Health Guide on this website.

Nyema has lectured both practitioners and the public on children's health, nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxicities.