After 18 Months, Our Daughter's Cough has Gone

Our daughter's cough went on for a year and a half, in fits and bursts, culminating in a huge dose of antibiotics, which worked for a while, until the cough came back. Our GP referred us on to a respiratory specialist, who was also unable to get to the bottom of it. Some things seemed to help for a little while, but each time, a month or so after the medication of the time finished, the cough returned.

When we moved house to Mittagong after 18 months of this, I was tearing my hair out. I had begun to think the cough was a stress response to her life. We spent a particularly unpleasant week’s holiday just after moving, where I think she must have coughed huge, deep hacking coughs six to ten times every hour that she was awake. It was affecting our relationship as I am particularly sensitive to irritating noises like this.

In desperation I tried homeopathy. I had grown up overseas, and our family used homeopathy for various ailments, so it wasn’t new to me, although I hadn’t used it since my teenage years.

Four months later, I think I can honestly say she is cough-free. We’ve had a few different remedies. The first one cleared up the major hacking barks in a matter of weeks, and since then we’ve been working on the little residual coughs. Diet changes have helped her a lot, and I can tell when she has eaten something that she shouldn’t have... the coughing recurs a little for a while.

I’m really grateful to Nyema, and to her skills in homeopathy. Having seen what it did for my daughter, I’m now taking my son to see her as well as myself!

Cecily Paterson, 24th May 2007

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