Recovery from Chronic Intestinal Problem

I have been living in Jakarta, Indonesia, for the last 40 years.

About three years ago I started getting very sick with recurrent vomiting, diarrhoea and vertigo. I had to be hospitalised twice and was given antibiotics. Finally, after several tests, I found out that I had severe intestinal candida. Then a friend of mine, who had had intestinal problems for quite some time, told me about the Karuna Clinic. I had never before taken homeopathic medicine, but I wanted to give it a try and had a good feeling about it. I contacted Jon and, after having filled out a lengthy questionnaire, we had our first telephone conversation. Jon sent me right away the first batch of medicine. In the meantime I also did some research on the Internet, which helped me to follow a special candida diet. By that time, I had gone down to 41 kilos. To make a long story short: After taking  the medicine from Karuna, getting very valuable advice from Jon and following the diet for about 18 months, I now feel strong and healthy again. I have gained four kilos and do not have to take any more medicine. Of course, I am still careful about my diet and try to avoid sugar, dairy food products, etc.

I am extremely grateful to Jon and his medicine for having cured me of candida and for having helped me during this difficult time. I wished we had a Karuna Clinic in Jakarta!

Latifah Asikin April 2011