Antibiotics - Getting off the Treadmill

Children who get frequent ear nose and throat infections need to take increasing amounts of antibiotics to treat a single infection. Some children have little more that a week or two of being well, before they need another course of antibiotics. This is what we call ‘the antibiotic treadmill.’ This situation can go on and on, with the child becoming more susceptible to another infection.

While no one can question the benefit of antibiotics for severe infection, needing repeated courses means that antibiotics are not getting to the root of the problem.

A child (or adult) who has had several courses of antibiotics will have some form of gut bacteria imbalance, which affects immunity. Believe it or not, a healthy gut is responsible for up to 70 per cent of immune function.

The thought of not taking another course of antibiotics can be daunting; what to do next time your child has a high fever, is crying with pain, needing more time off school and your sick leave at work has run out.

In this situation, we offer support with homeopathic medicines to manage the next infection, which will surely come. At the same time, medicines to improve nutrition, and gut health are given to support immune function.

During your consultation we prescribe homoeopathic medicines for coughs, colds, tonsillitis, ear infections and chest infections.

A common perception is that homeopathic medicines work more slowly than medical drugs. The correctly prescribed medicine can relieve pain and reduce fever in a distressed child quite quickly.

Getting your child back to normal health after needing multiple courses of antibiotics is well worth the effort, for a child with more energy and better mood. You also have a strategy in place for the next runny nose, and how to deal with it in the early stages. see TREAT YOUR CHILD YOURSELF