Blake's Story; The Path To Normal Development

In May 2000, at the age of 10 months, Blake contracted Salmonella poisoning and was very sick with explosive diarrhoea and vomiting. Then he contracted campylobacter jejuni and bled from the bowel and had to be hospitalised.

During this time we saw many people for help, had his hearing checked regularly, sought professional help from a mute specialist, speech pathologist and allergy specialist. We found that Blake had an unusually big head and found cranial sacral balancing helped and he would improve immediately, but it wasn't a cure and he still needs this therapy frequently.

We started seeing Jon Gamble in May of 2003, when Blake was 31/2 years old. By then Blake's  night terrors woke him most nights. He would wake screaming and come running into our room. Noamount of soothing helped Blake with these nightmares. He would get over one, then others would come back to terrify him many times in one night.

The other complaints that Blake had were very smelly flatulence, stomach pain around his navel, no appetite, speech delay and obnoxious behaviour, including severe mood swings. Blake was unaffectionate, and he hated everyone to the point where we couldn't look at him or hewould attack, bite, hit or verbally abuse the lookee!

Blake hated loud noises, even though he was very loud himself. He was able to urinate, but not defecate in the toilet. He couldn't dress or undress himself and wouldn't even try. He wasn't interested in feeding himself either, and had to be spoon-fed. His diet consisted of bread, rice, pasta, apple, banana and the infant formula Neocate.

His paediatrician told us that he "presented as a deaf child". He preferred to play by himself and didn't want to interact with other children - especially his brother Myles!

Jon started treating Blake by giving him homeopathic remedies for intestinal parasites. A few days later Blake's soiled nappies had black particles in them. I hadn't seen anything like this before so weasked for a pathology test to rule out blood and parasites. The test came back negative. He continued to pass these black particles for quite some time. Many of his soiled nappies were quite foul; a mustard coloured paste with a sickly sweet vinegar smell.

We saw some minor improvements on the homeopathic medicines - the night terrors became less and the smelly flatulence disappeared. Then Jon started Blake on a medicine which was an antidote to the Pedvax vaccine. We started on the smaller dosage, but there was no improvement in his behaviour. Then after seven days we started on the bigger dose. He became sick, then a few days later we noticed a big improvement in Blake's speech and language skills. He seemed less angry, and happier in himself. He tried to use the toilet for the first time.

We can't recall the other events that transformed our son, except when he was given the Gaertner homeopathic we thought he had tonsillitis. He had a foul breath and a white coating on his tonsils. We took him back to see Jon. He thought it might have been a reaction to the medicine. So we stopped the medicine and once again saw a marked improvement in Blake's behaviour.

He was given medicines for his feral behaviour, where he growls at people & is quite animalistic. He used to have to have his head out of the car window. He is now content to have his head inside the car, especially on a cold day. Blake would have screamed all the way to a destination if he couldn't have his head out of the car window. He only growls occasionally now, which is quite an improvement in his social skills.

Now Blake is quite a contented child. He has his ups and downs but we have finally been able to see the child within, which we hadn't seen since he was 10 months old. He is quite charismatic, he laughs a lot now and shows love to his family members. He is doing well at Pre School and has made quite a few friends. Blake is now a 'normal' little boy. He has improved dramatically and we thank you Jon for helping Blake to get better and helping his light to shine.

Trish and Vince Emmerick, Robertson, June 2004