Good News for People with Bad News


“I’m sorry, there’s nothing more we can do for you...” If this is what your doctor tells you, what do you do? Do you go home, get your affairs in order and try to enjoy what life you have left? Do you really believe that there are no other treatment options? 
In this book, you will read encouraging and touching stories of recovery from an array of serious and life-threat- ening illnesses, from cancer and autoimmune diseases to debilitating allergies and chronic pain. These brave survivors dared to look beyond conventional treatment, taking their lives in their own hands. 
Based on live interviews, men and women share in their own words their inspiring journeys with knowledge and insight. Their recovery accounts open up a world of treatment options, that include nutrition and little-known medical therapies. This book is a must for anyone faced with a serious diagnosis.

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Treat Your Child Yourself



by Jon Gamble BA ND Adv Dip Hom and Nyema Hermiston Adv Dip Hom ND RN

Easy to use, A-Z Format of 100 common chilldhood complaints

Treat Your Child Yourself cover

Inevitably, children’s complaints strike when professional help is not available - at night, during weekends, or on holidays. Most parents want to avoid using antibiotics, antihistamines and analgesics for their children’s ailments, if only they knew what natural, non-toxic treatments will be effective for their child. In this practical parent’s manual, the authors have distilled their many years’ clinical experience in treating sick children using homeopathy and other natural treatments.

This book gives parents the solutions they need to treat a wide range of acute and chronic children’s ailments, in an easy A to Z format. Practical tips are included and, most importantly, how to recognise when it’s time to seek medical care, giving parents the confidence they need to treat their children safely at home.

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