Discovering Homeopathy

Twelve months ago my husband and I decided to visit Jon Gamble because we had nowhere else to go. Homeopathy is not always a quick fix, but we've seen improvement in our parents' health. Over a relatively short period of time, as they reach their 80's, their quality of life has improved.

The difference between seeing Jon and going to a doctor is that Jon takes time to listen. He really listens to what you say, so you relax and are encouraged to explain your health problems. Then he decides on a remedy for you. At the follow up visit he assesses if the remedy is working or not.

We have mid life health problems as well. Homeopathy has not only improved our own health, but also given us peace of mind. Now we don't have to watch the people we love suffer needlessly. We want them to be able to enjoy life as they get older. The most pleasing result is that as our parents' health improves, so does their attitude to life.

Roberta Janssen, (Teacher) & Wyn Janssen (Finance Manager)

Wollongong, 26th October 2003