Ear Infections

An incredible 83% of Australian children will have had an ear infection before they are three years old. Otitis media, or middle ear infection, is the most common reason antibiotics are prescribed for children. Research says that children who have had more than two ear infections before the age of five years are more likely to have behavioural problems, which can affect them beyond ten years of age.

Being in a consistently bad mood can be a sign of ear problems. Frustration and poor concentration is common, due to poor hearing. Wanting the TV louder, shouting and paying little attention when spoken to, are signs of ear problems and poor hearing.

More and more parents who want to avoid antibiotics and surgery for their children. Antibiotics and surgery are not the only ways to treat this problem, and many are finding good management of their children's ear nose and throat problems using natural medicines and checking on nutrition.

The first step is to deal with the current ear problem. Fever, pain and infections can be treated with homeopathic medicines.


The second step is to find out why the child is having repeated ear infections

Preventing coughs and colds which lead to ear infections, is also an important part of treatment.

Homoeopathic medicines Can Homeopathy Help Me? increase children’s resistance to coughs, colds and tonsillitis, and help to avoid further use of antibiotics. The medicines also clear the ears so that grommets are not necessary.


The third step is to maintain good health. This may be through maintenance homeopathic medicines, nutritional supplements or a combination of these.