Eczema comes under the grand medical title of ‘atopic dermatitis’, which simply means ‘skin inflammation caused by allergies.’

Eczema in a baby or young child can be enormously distressing and challenging to treat, whoever the practitioner, including skin specialists! However, with time and diligence, relief and resolution of eczema is possible.

Three necessary first steps in treating obstinate eczema are:

After the three first steps are seen to, homeopathic medicines can help to reduce the redness and itching and get to the bottom of the cause of childhood eczema.

The aim of homeopathic treatment is to identify and treat the constitutional cause of their eczema. The medicines are sweet tasting drops given a few times each week, which children take easily.


Simply keeping the skin moist with a compatible cream, goes a long way to reducing the skin irritation. Calendula based creams often help, so do paw paw ointments. However, creams are a highly individual feature of red itchy skin – what helps in one person, does not help another.

Cortisone? Effective in the short term, but does not change the underlying situation. Homeopathic treatment is trickier when a child has been taking cortisone, as the full extent of the problem may be disguised.

Patience and persistence of all concerned are essential healing ingredients!

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