Helpful Books


Over the last 200 years, much has been written about homeopathy by doctors describing their work. Recent publications are generally easier to read than the older texts. Placed in categories, here is a small sample of contemporary books on homeopathy which are accessible and informative for inquiring minds


  • The Homeopathic Revolution: Why Famous People and Cultural Heroes Choose Homeopathy Dana Ullman MPH North Atlantic Books Berkeley California. An easy to read account of personal experiences of many well known people from a variety of backgrounds in successfully using homeopathy.

  • Homeopathy for Doctor and Patient M. Aubin, P. Picard (1983) Jain Publishers. Two French doctors outline the nature of homeopathy & how they came to practise it.


  • The Memory of Water and the Battle of Ideas in the New Science Michael Schiff: Thorsons 1995. Pp. 164; ISBN 0-7225-3262-8

  • Homeopathic Science and Modern Medicine: The Physics of Healing With Microdoses (9780913028841) by Coulter, Harris; Kent, J. T

  • Homeopathy: A Frontier in Medical Science P. Bellavite, A. Signorini (1995) North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California A professor of pathology and a homeopathic physician outline the science behind homeopathic medicines and microdoses.

  • The Infinitesimal Dose: The Scientific Roots of Homeopathy Dr. C. B. Lessell (1994) C. W. Daniel Company, Saffron Walden A discussion & explanation of the physicochemical foundations of potentisation and dose.

  • Homeopathy; Science or Myth? Bill Gray MD North Atlantic Books, Berkely, California. Presents the research undertaken on homeopathy.


  • The Science and Art of Healing R. Twentyman (1992) M.B., B. Chir, F. F. Hom, Late Consultant Physician Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, late Editor British Homeopathic Journal. Floris Books Discusses the potential role and contribution of homeopathy.

  • The Emerging Science of Homeopathy; Complexity, Biodynamics and Nanopharmacology Paulo Bellavite MD, Andrea Signorini MD (Update of 'Homeopathy, A Frontier in Medical Science 1995). Tackles the problem of nanopharmacological doses of homeopathy and discusses the biophysics of water.

  • Homeopathy For Physicians Dr. C. B. Lessell, M.B., B.S. London.), B.D.S. (London.), M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (London), (1986) Jain Publishers An English doctor writing for colleagues who wish to use homeopathy.


  • The Faces of Homeopathy: an illustrated history of the first 200 years (in the USA) Julian Winston Great AUK Publishing Tawa, New Zealand

  • Homeopathy; The Great Riddle Richard Grossinger North Atlantic Books Berkeley California 1980

  • Divided Legacy: The Conflict between Homeopathy and the American Medical Association H. Coulter (2nd ed. 1982) A scholarly history of an important era in homeopathy.