Homeopathic Medicine Prevents Leptospirosis in 2.3 Million Cubans

A large scale homeopathic study, involving 2.3 million patients in parts of Cuba, were given two doses of a homeopathic remedy as a preventative to the hurricane-triggered disease, Leptospirosis, which can kill thousands of people during the hurricane season. The infection rate for leptospirosis dropped to near zero, for a fraction of the cost compared to standard vaccination. Cuba now uses the homeopathic protocol with its entire population

See the details of the study at Large-scale application of highly-diluted bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control.Homeopathy, 2010; 99: 156-166.

Currently, Cuban homeopathic doctors are working on another study on upper respiratory infections, with nine million(9,000,000)people.

Please note: in Australia, leptospirosis is a notifiable, infectious disease.


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