Homeopathy Got Me And My Family Off Antibiotics

I did not get an instant improvement in my general condition, but my infections were being managed with homeopathic medicines instead of antibiotics. I felt that was a benefit and I did start to feel a little better. After about six months of treatment, I felt much better in myself and was not getting sick as often. If I did get an infection, then it was always treated with a homeopathic medicine.

Because of my own success, I started to bring my two small sons to have their colds and chest infections treated. My four year old son Benjamin was scheduled to have surgery to repair his seriously receding gums. After six months on homeopathic treatment, we took him back to the periodontist who then said that surgery was now not necessary, but did not acknowledge that homeopathy might have helped Benjamin. My sons have had their tonsillitis, chest infections and gastro all treated with homeopathic medicines throughout their childhood. In between infections, Jon prescribed preventative medicines, to stop all of us getting so many infections.

My sons are now 17 and 21 years old, and able to make their own decisions about their health, but they continue to choose homeopathy.

As a family, it is extremely comforting to know that homeopathy works so well and that it is a safe alternative to antibiotics. We are all much healthier for using it for many years now.

Julie Dimitrioski, Figtree, Wollongong, 18th November 2003