Homeopathy Is Our Main Method of Health Care

Our daughter was very particular about who she would see or let examine her, which left us with fewer options for her health care. Eventually, someone suggested a homeopath.

What struck me about Nyema and Jon was their genuine interest in us. They didn't look at our unique little girl as though she had two heads! Her behaviour and personality, likes and dislikes are a part of her, and treating the whole person is how homeopathy works. What a relief - we now had health care professionals to look after us!

Since then, we have had another child. Nyema and Jon took care of my very difficult pregnancy. They have looked after the childhood illnesses of colds, teething, sleeping problems, chicken pox, allergies, and more seriously, bronchiolitis and asthma in our son, just to name a few!

Nyema and Jon always treat us with great care, understanding and have infinite patience. They listen to our 'gut feelings' and we work together towards good health. They have given us the confidence to treat our children with a range of remedies without the worry of side effects or overdose. They have taught us to look at the whole picture and not just the obvious symptoms.

We have had great success with homeopathy and feel very safe and secure using the remedies. We will continue to use it as our main method of health care.

Karen and Paul Hardie, July 2004