I Am So Confident in Using Homeopathy

I have been seeing my homeopath, Nyema Hermiston since 2006 for a variety of my own personal health imbalances. I now insist on treating my two small boys homeopathically as well due to the efficacy of homeopathic remedies and Nyema's care.

My 17 month old son, Tristan, suffered ongoing problems with ear infections, and visits to the doctor resulted in Amoxil and Augmentin prescriptions - and a continuation of the ear infection! The infection would reappear every few weeks. After yet another two rounds of Amoxil followed by Augmentin, Tristan still had the ear infection and was covered in a drug-related rash in which huge welts were literally all over his body.

Within a week of seeing Nyema and administering her recommended doses of PCIP, Tristan's ears were clear and, to date, we have not had to revisit this issue or the doctor.

Coincidentally, at this time, I happened to meet the children of a homeopath who, now in their twenties, had never had a course of antibiotics in their lives.  This made me even more determined to ensure my children did not fall victim to the cycle of illness/antibiotics/lowered resistance.

Nyema is now also treating my six month old baby, Jerome for refluxand teething. I am so confident in homeopathy that I have also asked her to consider treating his undescended teste homeopathically in favour of surgery.

Homeopathic treatment works for me as a parent of small children because it ensure the inevitable cycle of sickness with the use of antibiotics is broken, and treats the whole person - physically,behaviourally, mentally and emotionally. No small task when your children are as yet unable to tell you how they're feeling!

Bernadette Ciampa 20th April 2009