Iron deficiency is the main cause for fatigue, depression and some thyroid disorders in adults. When iron deficiency is present, it must be corrected. Raising iron levels in deficient individuals can rapidly reduce symptoms.

In children, poor behaviour, low frustration levels, and paleness of the face can be a sign of iron deficiency. Iron deficiency in children under two years old is surprisingly common. Iron deficient children can eat unusual things like dirt, sand or paper.

Although increased red meat consumption is not recommended for adults who are at risk of heart disease and bowel cancer, it remains an excellent source of iron for those who need it.

On blood testing, haemoglobin levels can be normal, but ferritin, or body iron stores can be low.

Iron supplements are a rapid and easy way of raising iron levels. Where absorption is low, homeopathic medicines can help to increase the iron uptake rate.


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