Menopausal symptoms can vary from mild hot flushes to severe symptoms, having a huge impact on womens' general wellbeing. Menopausal symptoms often respond well to natural medicines. In particular, homeopathic medicines usually deal with hot flushing extremely well.

Other factors to consider when treating menopause are lifestyle, diet and thyroid health. When underlying health problems are addressed, menopausal symptoms can generally be managed well.

Insomnia that starts with menopause is one of the more obstinate problems, but can also be managed with homeopathic medicines and supplements.

Taking some form of hormonal treatment to manage these symptoms is often seen as a normal event, but this doesn't have to be the case. Given the health risks associated with hormonal therapy, it is well worth utilising natural treatment for menopausal symptoms. While there is a question mark over the risks of some herbal medicines, the same is not true for homeopathic medicines. After diet and lifestyle issues have been addressed, our first line of treatment for 'menopausal malaise' is using homeopathic medicines.


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