Practitioner Assistance


Every practitioner has cases for which it is difficult to find solutions. Here at the Homeopathy Clinic, we will review your homeopathic case and make some new prescribing suggestions. This offers practitioners a way of keeping patients and finding new ways of solving stubborn cases.

Our Undertaking:

We will carefully review your difficult or unresponsive case
Recommend a prescription for you to give to the patient, with reasons.

What you need to do:

Complete the adult or child patient questionnaire from our website, using your own perspective. Use all the information you have gathered about the case thus far, in chronological order. Be sure to include all information in the history section: all viruses, medical interventions including vaccinations, allopathic drugs taken, with dates. Include everything you think is relevant, including your subjective impressions of the person. The more accurate and detailed the information you provide us with, the greater chance there is of a successful prescription.

List the homeopathic remedies you have given, in chronological order, with their results.

Mail, or email:

a) The completed questionnaire (adult or child) and distance consultation agreement

b) Copies of any relevant medical tests

c) Your payment

We will acknowledge receipt of your case and payment. For a prompt response, please include your email address. Working via email is the fastest way to get started on your case.

If we have further questions, we will contact you.

We then inform you of our prescription recommendation, giving reasons. If you do not have the medicine we recommend, we will post it to you for a small additional charge.

When you have had your next follow up consultation with your patient, please send us the details of your patient’s response. We may recommend continuing, changing or adding remedies.

This concludes our arrangement. If you require further consultations with this case, each consultation is charged at $65 per consultation. However, we always appreciate a 6-month follow up summary from you so we can build a database of successfully treated patients!


When filling out the questionnaire, you do not need to identify your patient, or gain consent from your patient, provided that you do not include the patient’s identity or include identifying features of the patient on the form. 
If you do include the patient’s identity, then you must secure and send us their written consent before we can view the patient file.


$150 - includes one follow-up consult (with revised prescription if needed).

$65 for further consultations after the first follow-up

Note: if on examining your case we conclude that the case will not benefit from homeopathy, where possible, we will make other suggestions for referral
In such cases, the fee is reduced to $95.

Payment Methods:

Cheque - made out to ‘Karuna College Pty Ltd’

Credit card - include details with your email

PayPal via our website payments page

Disclaimer This is a genuine offer in which every effort will be made to locate a homeopathic solution to your case. We are not (allopathic) medical practitioners and do not offer medical advice. As so many factors are involved in successful patient outcomes we are unable to guarantee cure or symptom alleviation as a result of our recommendations.

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