Recovered From Hacking Cough and Asthma

Felix has suffered from asthma and eczema since he was about 18 months – 2years old.  For ages we weren’t even sure it was asthma because he wasn’t a wheezer.  Instead he would get a dry hacking cough that would usually lead to vomiting.  He is particularly sensitive to some preservatives and will instantly get a tickly throat, cough, and very occasional swelling of the lips.

The cough seemed to be getting worse and worse and we were given an asthma management plan which included Ventolin and Flixotide preventative.  Whenever he got a cold (which was pretty much every six weeks) the cough wouldn’t respond to ventolin and we would have to up the ante by using a cortisone medication called Predimix.

Nyema prescribed a long term homeopathic remedy and a cough mix for acute episodes.  I couldn’t believe it the first time we used the acute remedy, when I would have used the cortisone, and it actually worked.

We have been seeing Nyema monthly for about 5 months now and in that time we have used Ventolin once, and not used the other drugs at all. His eczema doesn’t seem to have made an improvement as yet, but we manage it with moisturiser, and I am told that it’s better to have thereaction on the skin than on the chest and that it should subside over time.

I am amazed at his progress and so grateful that we are no longer using the drugs.

Anthea Falkiner, 13th April 2009