Recovered From Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

To everybody who’s reading this, my name is Shelby Bekker. I was fourteen when I started going to homeopathy, I’m now sixteen.

When I first came I had so many things wrong, I found everyday life a challenge to get through. I constantly washed my hands and lived in fear of bacteria and germs, like getting sick, catching disease and dying as a result. I was afraid to hang out with my friends and go to their places, my social life was horrible. I suffered from eczema from the washing and I also discovered I was allergic to dairy, which also improved my life. Everywhere I went I had to constantly check for anything out of the ordinary and make sure that there as nothing that would harm me in my room. I asked my mother if food as all right to eat and wouldn’t eat anything that didn’t look normal or the same as always.  I was very snappy and short-tempered and I really wasn’t that pleasant to be around, I was self-centered didn’t really think about the things that I said or did.  I was paranoid and didn’t really trust anyone. I had really bad acne that I couldn’t get rid of and now I get the odd pimple here and there like any other teenager. Every night I had a routine to check, my closet, under my bed, the carpet, making sure that it was clean and couldn’t stand to be around sick people. I had irritating little twitches and always though that someone was following me. I couldn’t sleep properly and always found learning a problem, as I was too tired.

But going to homeopathy has really changed my life. I’m in the top students in my class and I find that more committed to activities that I do, I had better friends and can hang out them with no problems.  sometimes I still check things, but definitely less than I used to and I’m sleeping and my eczema has completely vanished. I find everyday life easy to get through and can finally be like the other kids.

Shelby Bekker 13th May 2009