Thyroid Problem Cured

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease in mid September 1997, took Oroxine for 18 months while breastfeeding and had 3 monthly blood tests. When I stopped breastfeeding my doctor took me off Oroxine but told me that eventually I would have to go back onto it. I have been struggling with low energy levels for several years now.

On Monday I had a blood test and the results are "NORMAL THYROID FUNCTION" which means the medicine I have been on is spot on.

A homeopathic medicine plus some counselling sessions have been the key to unlocking an enormous amount of un-nurtured hurt. Thursday afternoons were my escape from the real world and a chance to heal some of my old wounds of the past. A time for myself to get in touch with what matters most to me, feeling peace within and comfortable in my own skin. I had a space for me to "BE" and had someone neutral to share my emotional self and release all that was keeping me from my true self. I'm feeling a lot happier and content with whatever is ahead for me and know that "I AM OK".

I feel so much better, not as tired and I have more energy.,

Monica Martinez, September 2004